about us picGall Bros. Medical originally introduced the Innovation Sports CTi Products, who designed bracing for over 25 years, to the Australian retail, sports and medical markets in 1988.

Australian Dirt Bike/ Motocross Legend Stephen Gall, the founder of Gall Bros. Medical realised Australia’s need for orthopaedic Knee Braces, after rupturing both of his ACL knee ligaments in the late 80’s. Unable to source a brace to allow him to continue with his racing, Gall Bros. Medical imported Innovation Sports full array of CTI knee supports, ranging from Custom Bracing, Off-the-shelf bracing, Osteoarthritis Bracing, Children’s Models and Post-Operative Bracing. Innovation Sports USA was taken over by an Icelandic company, Össur in 2007 and we are now growing with their company with new designs and technology.

After being involved with the medical aspect of knee supports we decided to expand our business and become a distributor for other imported products. The Allsports Dynamics Wrist Braces, which are designed to support the wrist, allowing you to continue with work, training, bike riding, snowboarding etc. We distribute our range of products to the retail, sports and medical market.

Our medical contacts and reps are very knowledgeable with all our products and we offer technical brace support over the phone and in person. We stock a large range of all products in all sizes.