Allsport OTS Wrist

The Allsport OTS WristTM is an off-the-shelf wrist brace engineered to control the extension of the wrist from 0º-60º in 20º increments. This allows for increased range of motion of the wrist during rehabilitation and activities. This is accomplished with a patented bi-axial articulating hinge system that allows side to side movement of the wrist.

The Allsport OTS WristTM brace has 60º of extension built into the frame, 3 additional extension stops are included, in case a different setting is desired.

Features The Easy-Pull Lacing System, Speed Strapping System and Easy-Pull Strap configuration makes application easy, quick and comfortable

Frame is constructed from a high strength, lightweight combination of the epoxy resin, carbon fibre and Kevlar® composite

Liner is constructed from a high-grade, open cell foam and is ergonomically shaped for fit and comfort

Bi-axial, articulating hinge provides a controlled and anatomically accurate movement of the wrist

Unique, open palm design is minimally invasive and limits obstruction of the person’s grip.

Please contact Gall Bros Medical for sizing, prices and purchase – (07) 5593 3340
Made in the USA